on & on & on & on

things i want right now

1. coffee
2. a glass of wine (not with the coffee)
3. a new pair of skinny jeans that don’t sometime make me feel fat (i’ve worn my black ones two days in a row now because i put my denim ones on & i just wasn’t feeling it. i had to wear skinny jeans today because i wanted to wear my overly sparkly jeffrey campbell flats & wearing anything with them but skinny’s or tights just wouldn’t do them justice.)
***side note: these are the jeffrey campbell miami sequin in multi color, just picture them in black & silver 🙂
4. to write a letter to someone
5. for this writers block (that is speech writers block) to go away. i have to speak about the negative effects of junk food tomorrow & i just can’t get my thoughts on paper….. or on msword
6. a free week, class just doesn’t seem like anything i want to do this week.
7. find a super cute little house to rent so i can decorate
8. the new twilight movie (eclipse) to be in theaters now, i’m impatient


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