that’s what makes it a love song

two blogs in one day….. two days i a row….. crazy…..okay so lent started yesterday but i’ve been a bit behind lately so i started today. i have given up facebook & diet coke (well any carbonated soda type beverages). it took me a little bit to agree to the facebook part (

sarahmont is giving up facebook as well) but i think it’s going to be a great thing. i realized not only is giving up facebook an absolutely minuscule thing to do, but i could spend my time doing more important things. time with my family, reading the Bible (i’m still not quite finished with NewThru30… i’m working on it!), homework & projects (this quarter ends at just about the same time as lent so this should help with distractions), & i think this will lead me to blog more as well as write more in general. not to mention the satisfaction of resisting the temptation.

screenshot of my facebook just a few minutes ago, i’ll be deactivating soon…
and yes if you were wondering… that is a firefox navigation bar with jacob black on it.
please don’t be jealous.
if you are a firefox user, you can get one here.
and no, they are not limited to the taylor lautner or the twilight saga.
i’m just a little obsessed.

so, i hope to be blogging more regularly & getting a little more healthy without all the acid & carbonation of diet coke. **side note: sarah tried to get me to give up coffee but i decided for the well being of everyone that it was a bad idea, no need to make me unnecessarily grumpy.


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