i really really hate that stupid old pickup truck you never let me drive

new years resolutions.

i know it’s january 5th but i did make these on the 1st, most of them.

1. run. i’ve started a 12 week marathon training schedule (no marathon planned, i’m just going to try to train & probably keep training after the 12 weeks, maybe a marathon…. 1/2 marathon, in the future)

2. regulate coffee/diet coke. each has to be matched with a glass of water after.

3. eat healthier. try to. this is more willpower. see below.

4. willpower. keep up with resolutions, healthy eating, running, not procrasinating.

the last two were made on the 3rd.

5. new thru 30. we’re doing this at elevation. the new testament in 30 days.

6. continue with the old testament after new thru 30.

happy belated new year!

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